Whole House Audio – Sonos

Stream any music – from anywhere in the world – direct to any room in your home. With distributed audio, you could be listening to a London radio station in the kitchen, streaming the latest hits in the rumpus room, relaying the soccer live from Italy in the alfresco and serving up your personal CD collection in the lounge. With Smart Systems guidance, your options for distributed audio are limitless.

A Distributed audio system will allow you to:

  • Play the same or different music, including CDs, mp3s and radio, in multiple rooms throughout the house.
  • Use your iPhone or iTouch to control a Sonos system.
  • Replace alarm clock radios with programmed, timed music from the in-ceiling speakers, or set your distributed audio to play in your bathroom as you shower or in the kitchen as you eat breakfast.
  • Stream music direct from your own personal collection on CD’s, on your PC or even off the Internet.

Sonos single room installations start from only $599 including installation and training (Not that you’ll need any)

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