CCTV Solutions Deter Intruders and Keep Your Most Important Assets Protected

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CCTV has become one of the most popular deterrents against property crime. With police using CCTV cameras clearly and accurately to identify offenders, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are choosing to secure their premises with one of the most valuable security and loss-prevention solutions available on the market.

From identifying intruders to providing reassurance to your staff and the public, CCTV technology allows you to keep a watchful eye over any area of your business you choose, while Digital Video Recording makes it easy to find high-quality footage quickly should you require it.

A CCTV Security System Will Help You:

Northtech is at the forefront of CCTV technology for domestic and commercial application. We’ve installed, designed and integrated CCTV Security Systems for domestic, commercial and government projects, schools, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals and more.

We will design the most reliable CCTV Security System to meet all your preferences and needs and will advise you how to best integrate your CCTV security system to save you money while you protect your family and business assets.

Our security experts will be able to connect your CCTV Security System to your iPhone, iPad or PC, providing you with a full sense of control and piece of mind.

CCTC Products and Technology

Northtech has an extensive range of security cameras selected from a small variety of top branded suppliers to suit all types of CCTV camera purposes. This ensures we provide the very latest technology that specifically suits our clients’ needs.

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