Optimising Security for your valued assets

Platinum Safes combine innovative technology and advanced engineering to offer the highest protection. Our premium quality safes and security cabinets can surpass adverse conditions such as fire and theft. Their heavy-duty construction is complimented by advanced security features so you’ll have complete confidence your assets are protected.

Fire Resistant Safes

The result of a fire can bring devastation to homes and businesses when personal belongings and irreplaceable documents are destroyed. The way to avoid this is to secure valuables in a fire resistant safe that has fire ratings. Many fire safes on the market claim to be fireproof safes. However, no safe is completely fireproof, they are fire resistant. So, be cautious when you see the term fire proof safe.Look for fire protecting elements such as; fire resistant mineral compounds, heavy duty fire walls, expanding fire seals and reinforced composite construction when selecting your fire resistant safe. Platinum Safes have a range of fire rated safes that will protect documents, papers and files from extreme heat or fire from 30minutes to 60 minutes.

Home Safes

Ensure your valuables, jewellery, cash, important documents and devices are protected in a quality home safe. Platinum Safes range of home safes offer superior quality and will protect your belongings against fire, damage and theft. Purchasing a residential safe is an important investment. Our fire rated home safes offer fire ratings and cash ratings to sustain forced entry, heat and fire expossure and are recognised by insurance companies. All Platinum home safes are available in a range of locking mechanisms from digital, key, combination and bluetooth, as well as offering upgraded security locking with time delay, dual user and audit trails.

Retail & Deposit Safes

To ensure the safe collection and storage of cash look no further than a quality money safe from Platinum Safes. Our large range of postal slot safes, under counter depository safes, cash management safes, deposit chute safes and cash drawer safes are ideal for trade, retail and tourism environments. Keeping your cash secure and your employees safe is a key priority. Therefore, it is vital to remove the risk of excess cash in a register. Choosing the right retail safe will depend on your business requirements. Money slot safes are ideal for depositing cash and envelopes by staff. Where cash chute and cash drawer safes can effectively accommodate larger deposits of money bags and deposit capsules.